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Services at Change AZ

  • Individual Therapy (ages 12+)
  • Couples and Relationship Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Specialties Include:

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders
  • Communication issues in Couples
  • PTSD/CPTSD and trauma-related concerns
  • Kink boundaries and entering the kink community
  • Consensual/ethically non-monogamous relationships: managing dynamics, effective communication, mitigating hardship

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers personalized support, fostering self-awareness and coping strategies for mental health challenges, leading to positive personal growth and resilience.

Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy enhances communication, resolves conflicts, and strengthens emotional bonds. Gain tools for a healthier relationship and increased mutual understanding.

Group Therapy

Group therapy fosters a supportive community, offering shared experiences and diverse perspectives. Collaborative healing and personal growth thrive in this interactive and empathetic setting.