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In individual therapy the focus is on both people who have suffered abuse and those who have noticed or have learned from others that they display abusive behavior.

It is not only women who are abused. In fact- the majority of abuse happens by women! We help all genders/sexual orientations.

This is a common wheel, not one CHANGE AZ created as it does not account for ALL types of relationships/genders etc… See where it came from.


What you will learn or get out of the experience:

-How to calm your body down when you are feeling intense anxiety.

-Ways to manage your complicated emotions like anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, sadness, worthlessness, hopelessness, etc…

-Interpersonal skills- Learn ways to develop and maintain deep meaningful relationships with friends and family.

-Job and Career skills for maintaining/holding down a job or being able to focus on schoolwork.

-What you can do instead of x,y,z. – We know that many times abuse is about power and control (see below).

Learn ways to get more power into your life. Find interests and hobbies of your own to keep you busy. We will help you!

Power and Control

For the individuals who have abused their partners and would like to stop. Abuse comes in many different forms including: physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, digital, stalking, financial (often with psychological), child, or elderly abuse.

Many times people in the social science field use the word “intentional” but people who have been overwhelmed by anger or frustration can sometimes “black out” or feel “out of control” of their actions and feel what they did was unintentional.

Most people who get into these types of relationships have a past history of abuse or trauma themselves. We will work on managing those emotions/feelings to reduce the urge to perpetuate the cycle.

You will learn:

-How to identify when you are doing an abusive/controlling behavior.

-How to communicate appropriately in times of distress/anger/fear.

-How to calm your body down before it gets out of control.

-Interpersonal Skills: How to feel more secure about yourself, even if the relationship ends.

Increased self-esteem= less fear. Less fear= less need for power/control. Less power/control= more balance and healthier relationships!

It will be okay, the first step- recognizing there is a an issue- is the hardest one to take. Making the change is difficult too.